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Coffee Carnaval, which has managed to bring good coffee together with good music in its unique ambiance it has created until today, maintains its sensitivity on music. While the best Blues Groups accompany coffee lovers with their performances, trios and subgroups continue to add color to the Carnival area.


Organized for the fourth time this year, the most entertaining carnival of spring is once again in Eskişehir!

Aiming to create a happy moment in the lives of its participants, Carnival has managed to bring 25.000 people together with good coffee and good music to this day.

Coffee Carnaval is preparing to make April 28-29 unforgettable by appealing to all your senses with the atmosphere it creates. You are invited to a very colorful and delicious carnival with coffee scents and flavors, good music, workshops and exhibitions!

In the festival to be held in Eskişehir; The smell of quality coffee will combine with the energetic texture of Eskişehir and will drag you from joy to joy. The adventure of reaching the end consumers of coffee beans from different countries of the world will take place in the environment of Coffee Carnaval, which has become traditional and full of shows for the purpose of bringing "Good Coffee, Good Music, in the Right Place".

Carnival will continue to bring the city together with traditional Turkish Coffee flavor pioneers and the best representatives of the third wave coffee stream.

While you feel the good music in your soul, qualified Turkish and world coffees that will be offered for free for two days will provide a feast for your taste with different aromas. While Turkey's most beloved musical groups accompanied by coffee lovers performance, color trio will continue to add to the carnival area and sub-groups.

In free workshops and seminars; You will have the chance to learn a lot of information from the veterans of the industry, from coffee beans to the brewing adventure of coffee.

Carnival; It will bring the entire industry together for coffee enthusiasts, from coffee makers to chain shops to domestic consumption and even preparation / presentation equipment.


9 Aralık 2017, Cumartesi saat 19:00

He won 3 awards in total with the most diverse instrument awards, using the fiddle in the piece with the arrangement he made in the Dont Let Me Down (Beatles) song, the best soloist in Rock'n Purple and the best group award in the rock category.

In addition to her own 'Acoustic Solo' programs, she continues her concert work with her group 'Evrencan Gündüz Quartet, as well as composing and album work.

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